Bowen therapy was first developed in Australia in the 1960s by Tom Bowen and is now drawing international recognition. It is a very gentle technique that provides natural, effective relief from many common complaints, including everyday stress and anxiety. The complaints include but are not limited to – lower and upper back, shoulder and neck discomfort, headaches or migraines, tenseness in the jaw, teeth grinding and respiratory complaints including asthma.

Bowen therapy is suitable for people of any age, from babies to the elderly. The moves are done through light clothing using a rolling finger and thumb technique. The overall effect of Bowen Therapy stimulates the body’s own healing responses to naturally release muscle and tissue discomfort, relax stress and tension and restore balance and harmony in the body.

A treatment usually takes 60 minutes. No oils or other products are applied during treatments. Bowen therapy can be cost effective, as many problems respond after two or three treatment sessions. A program of regular maintenance treatments can help maintain balance and improve resilience against recurrent injury.

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