In October 2021 a very special 4 month old puppy joined the team at Evolve.

Meet Margot our clinic dog.

As a Labradoodle, she does not shed and is hypoallergenic.  She is very social puppy who specializes in anxiety reduction and smile production. She is excited about her new role greeting visitors at Evolve Chiropractic, and the supervision of clinic activities.

Margot is still a puppy and absolutely loves people. Sometimes she gets so excited she has a little accident; we have found it best stay calm and let her come to you to avoid these little mishaps. If she does have an accident, please let Dr. Rose or the reception staff know.

Remind her to keep all four paws on the ground. We ignore any other behavior and reward her with pats and praise when she sits for polite greetings.

Currently, she is on a strict diet, and we would rather you shower her with pats than give her treats. If she is on her bed in Dr. Rose’s room, we ask you not to touch her as we have made that her safe space.

Margot’s regular shift will be Thursday mornings 9:15 until 1:30. If you would rather not have Margot in the room with you, please let one of us know and we can put her in the back during your stay.

And finally, please follow her on Instagram to see how she is settling into her new life and career.