Our Womb and Fertility Massage Therapist

Heather Valente

Womb and Fertility Massage is a beautiful modality that every woman can benefit from and enjoy. It can be beneficial during all the stages in a woman’s life from puberty to menopause. Womb and Fertility Massage is about bringing the body back into balance both emotionally and physically.

A Womb and Fertility Massage session works on releasing tension in the low back, sacrum, glutes, and abdomen working externally with a variety of massage techniques. All these areas are tightly connected by ligaments and fascia. The massage encourages the muscles to let go of holding and protecting patterns. Sometimes the uterus is tilted and is not aligned within the pelvic cavity. If the uterus is out of alignment, it can cause adverse health conditions. Womb and Fertility Massage eases tension and encourages better blood circulation in the abdomen and pelvic region. It helps to regulate hormones, menstrual health and digestion.

Some other techniques used are deep abdominal breathing to encourage the body to relax and gentle rocking to ease muscle tension. At the end of the massage, an ancient technique of rebozo wrapping is used. It is often described as being in a cocoon allowing time to integrate the massage and feel safe and protected.

If you are trying to conceive, the best time to receive a womb and fertility massage is from the end of your flow up until before ovulation. If your session falls out of this time, the massage techniques and locations, avoiding the womb area, will be adjusted to suit your individual needs.

Heather Valente is certified in this technique and she also works with women trying to conceive with IVF supporting them prior to an IVF cycle and leading up to the egg collection.